Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We need a fence... desperately.

Our current fence is chain-link and has a couple of large gaps and holes where Ladybird could get out.  I want to leave her out on these really pretty days, but she's scared of the big dogs next door (all five of them!).
We want our new fence to provide privacy, a property boundary, and protection for the dog and our future kids.  I'm really interested in the shadow-box and stockade fencing.  Marcus says we should probably go with the six-foot tall planks but Ladybird isn't going to be able to jump a four foot fence and I think it looks friendlier...
Here's an example of the shadow-box at 6 ft tall.

Dog-eared Stockade Privacy at 6 ft Tall

Here's the four foot tall dog-ear stockade privacy.
What to do...