Monday, August 1, 2011

My Boykin Spaniel... Ladybird

First of all, I love this website for Boykin Spaniel Rescues:
The way that they create a story about each dog really make it hit home... sweet puppies.

So growing up, we always had a dog and at least one cat.  Marcus' family always had at least one dog but mostly had smaller dogs like poodles, miniature pinschers, and as of recently a daschund.  As you know, Marcus and I already have two cats and now that we're in the house we're finally ready to seriously look at breeders.  For the longest time, I wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  But due to overbreeding, they are often inbred and have many health problems such as bulging eyes and severe ear issues.  But I still think they're adorable.  See?  

 Too cute, but they're bred for their looks not their brains.  A lot of times, their eyes are so big that they can't see so well.
Because of all that research, I wanted to find a breed that is known for its health and laid-back personality.  I found the Boykin Spaniel.
Owners say they have the strength, build, and size of a spaniel with the laid-back and intelligent personality of a lab.  They're great with other dogs, cats, and even children.  Perfect for us!

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