Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Home Inspector came by this week.

What a very busy week this has been!  On Monday we drove to Savannah for my doctor's appointment and halfway back my air-conditioning stopped blowing cool air.  It was awful!  We drove the hour back home, then drove until we found an open car-repair shop.  By the time we dropped the car off it was almost dinner time, we were covered in sweat, and way behind schedule for the house.  We got to Augusta around seven or eight, dropped off a load of teaching stuff at the house, then went to have dinner and pass out at Marcus' sister's house.  On Tuesday the Home Inspector came by and boy did he have a lot to tell us!  He was really thorough, which was helpful, but GEEZ our TO DO LIST just got ten times longer!  Here are the major things we had to add:

  • new roof
  • new air-conditioning unit  (note: Our's is 34 years old... original to the house!!!)
  • new water-heater
  • clear all debris from roof and around house (there is TONS of pine straw)
  • trim hedges that are touching the house
  • PLUS all the things we already knew we were going to half to do like...
    • paint
    • replace flooring
    • repair broken cabinets, drawers, doors, etc.
    • replace light fixtures
    • install new appliances
    • replace patio door
    • and the list goes on... and on... and on...
But we're excited because the guy from DuPont came by to measure our cabinets for the Corian solid-surface we're getting (see picture of our color choice below)... And we just got the news that our floors, appliances, and patio door are ready to be installed when we're ready... And our carpet will be installed next week!  So things are really moving now...

As a matter of fact... Marcus and I have been painting for the last two days straight.  The neutral chosen for most of the house is "Irish Cream,"  my bathroom will be "Mossy Bench," and our kitchen and den will be "Mandarin Glow."  I just love paint names. :)

They're so pretty... if I do say so myself! :)

Forgot to mention that the OFFICIAL BEFORE PICTURES will be posted very soon!  Are you ready?  
Before paint, before flooring, before installation of new awesome appliances, patio door, etc...

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