Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Official BEFORE Pictures

So we cleaned out the entire house, got Junk in the Box to pick up all the things we don't want, cleaned EVERYTHING, and finally had a blank canvas.  I've been talking about what the house looks like and offering a few pictures along the way, but here's the official set of before pictures for you!
Let's start with the wallpaper.  Rachel and I worked together to remove the wallpaper one weekend.  All we did was use the Piranha wallpaper scoring device, spray Piranha Wallpaper Remover all over the walls, get a good hold at the top, and pull each strip off from top to bottom.  It was so easy!  Here are some pictures of the wallpaper before...

These are in the kitchen, and yes...  that is 70s brown and orange!

This is the master bath with floral green and yellow wallpaper to match the awesome mint-green tile.

To the left you see the reflection of a nice sized window.  But the reflection is in a very retro, sliding-mirror, medicine cabinet.  Needless to say, it's gone now.

Last but not least is the bathroom I'll be using, aka the guest bathroom.  It had yellow floral wallpaper.  It was kind of pretty... but very dated, so now it's gone.
Removing the wallpaper was so much easier than I expected.  Now our kitchen will be nice an bright... and our bathrooms will be clean and calming. :)

Now let's take a look at the other "before" pictures.  

This is the foyer.  The home inspector said that our front door is the equivalent to today's interior doors.  Take a close look... we didn't even have a deadlock!  But we do now!!!
This is our living room, right off the foyer.  It has a huge window and lots of floor space.  I really love this room.  One day, my piano will be in there!

To the right, you'll see the dining room.  It looks kind of narrow... but is actually big enough for a normal sized dining table and a china cabinet.

Below is the foyer again.  Now you get a better view of the great shag carpet, the rot-iron rail, and the entrance to the kitchen.  The stairs will be a tan colored carpet, and we used Rustoleum's Hammered Spray Paint on the rail.
This is the guest bedroom.  

Below, and to the left is the office.  It's kind of small, but it has a window and a closet so one day it could be a really cute nursery! :)

Above and to the right is the master bedroom.  It's a great size!

We're so busy right now... painting, cleaning, and having things installed.  Can't wait to share more!

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