Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Productive Weekend

I learned the wonders of Modge Podge this weekend.  Having never tried it, but seen the awesome things people did with this magical potion I obviously wanted to try it out.  I've really gotten into making my own household cleaners and other things to have something unique and to save money.  What better way to try out modge podge than with something as simple as cute labels for my creations.  Check it out...

First I made some modge podge: (yes it's in a jelly jar) empty one bottle of school glue into your container, then fill the school glue bottle halfway up with warm water, add that to your jar/container, and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!  Voila... modge podge!

Then I started using it on all of my homemade house cleaners.  Below you'll see my Vinegar Spray Bottle which I used on weeds this morning, the linen spray I posted about before, and homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner which I'm still testing out.

I think these are probably the basic directions for modge podge, but I just painted the surface I wanted the label to go on with my glue solution, applied my label, and painted more glue solution over the top to seal it all in.  I'm extremely pleased with the results.  The paper is just from a pad of scrapbook paper I had from an old project.

I also made my menu and grocery list for the week, went to the Kroger, and prepped some things for cooking later.  Here's what's for dinner:
Saturday: Thai Quinoa Salad (this pic is from last night... it was freaking delicious!)

SundayChicken Ranch Pasta with a salad

Monday: Fava Bean Italian Salad
Tuesday: my Momma's Pasta with Lemon Cream Sauce and topped with salmon (one of my favorites)

Thursday: leftovers (we're leaving for Memorial Weekend the next day, and my husband works late on Thursdays)

 And we shaved the dog... hilarious amount of hair... My dad said "Did all that pine-straw and the pink ball fall out of her hair???" LOL Ladybird is oh so much happier!

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