Tuesday, May 14, 2013

crochet projects

So I couldn't remember if I ever explained how I got into crochet... I don't think I did, so here goes
Marcus' favorite memories of his grandmother (who now lives with his mom) include a basket of yarn nearby and constantly moving crochet needles.  She would crochet on the plane as they flew to visit family... she would crochet at work... she would crochet as she watched the news... you get the picture.  Anyway, as we cleared out the house and began renovating we found TONS of yarn in every color you can imagine.  When I say TONS, I mean two walk-in closets FULL of yarn!  At first it just seemed kind of strange that someone could enjoy their hobby so much that they would need so much yarn, but now I understand.  You can literally crochet (almost) anything you need.
After my first school year in Augusta, I was a little stressed and needed an outlet (something that I could learn to do over the summer and continue as a hobby during upcoming school years). I just happened to have all this yarn lying around, so I walked around Hobby Lobby one afternoon and came across a crochet book.  It included several nice crochet hooks and plenty of patterns to start with so for only $10 I have a new lifelong hobby.
Here are some of the things I've made so far (all beginner patterns... now I'm on the "easy" patterns):
A small purse for Marcus' niece, Jenna
A bright pillowcase for my classroom
An Irish flag coozie for my hubbie
A "Le Sac" type purse for my Mom
and an iPad case for my sister.
 My goal is to keep improving and continue with different projects.  Marcus' grandmother is known for her afghans and they are absolutely gorgeous... we're lucky to have several of them.  So I'm hoping this summer I'll be talented enough to try one.   :)

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