Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sad day... then something weird (but funny) happened

(Not sure if I mentioned it before but I'm an elementary school teacher.)
Is it completely pathetic that I completely lost it as the buses drove away today?  I had to say good-bye to my students for the last time this afternoon, and while I didn't cry in front of them, it only took about 30 seconds after the last bell for me to begin sobbing so uncontrollably that I called my mom.  Yea, she thought it was adorable... I'm not so sure lol.  But I did have a great class this year, and it was really sad to see them go.

So after that sad day, my co-teachers insisted we go to the local Mexican restaurant to chill out and discuss summer plans.  We had a great time socializing but our waitress totally discussed her child's scabies with us.  Ew!!!!!  Yes... that happened.  We'd been chilling out for over an hour, then our cute little waitress came over and whipped out a formal letter from her kid's daycare saying that there was a break-out of scabies.  Number one, gross.  Number two, we WERE eating.  Number three, why do we care?  Needless to say... it was hilarious... but SO nasty, so we left ASAP.

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